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    About Wei An

    Dongguan Wei’an Automation Technology Co., Ltd
    was established in Chang’an Town, Dongguan City in 2004. It is an integrated automation company incorporated scientific research, production, sales and service, possessed excellent development team, advanced technology, strict management of the producing procedure and the complete quality control system.
    Adhering to the concept “surviving by quality, developing by innovation”,our company always put the high quality and innovation the first place, help customers to achieve semi-automatic or even full-automatic production in high-risk production environments, reduce production loss, save the costs of employment, improve the production efficiency and ultimately realize win-win goal.
    There are non-standard automation equipment, fixture, hardware laser welding, CNC processing and other departments in company. The company’s main products are ABB robot and FANUC robot sales agent, industrial automation non-standard equipment scheme design and manufacture, inspection fixture and CNC fixture design and production, general machinery equipment and parts import and export, precision parts CNC processing.

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